Thoughts and Takeaways on My Early Months of Working Remotely

The world we work in today is not the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, of Michelangelo, of Marie Curies, of Ernest Hemingway, or even Bill Gates in his most productive years in the early years of Microsoft.

It is a new world, empowered and entranced by the rapid-fire introduction of new technologies—a world where our metaphysical front-door can be opened anywhere, where a “room of one’s own” no longer means you’re all alone. One can make something meaningful anywhere, together and make a revolution while doing so.

We can take this as an opportunity to look in a different way on how we live and work and actually fixing what’s not working, or ignore it and pretend we don’t have to change. And later would be the last to realize it.

I believe remote or distributed work is already happening, and maybe because it actually works. I have been working remotely for a few months. Being new to this work style, in my early days of working remotely I focused on how to make the most important things work easily. That said, even until today, I still have rooms to improve.

But for now, I’d like to share some thoughts, perspective, and ideas that I gathered so far. The concept of full time remote itself is entirely new and still a rare condition among here in Indonesia, so I think it would be interesting to share my perspective on how working remotely here looks like.

AMA #1: Lari Marathon, Quarter Life Crisis, Dream Job, Dan Lain-lain.

Sekitar dua minggu lalu saya membuat halaman AMA (ask me anything) yang semi-anonim. Rencananya pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini akan direview berkala setiap minggu-nya dan nanti dijawab dalam satu artikel sendiri, mungkin bisa dikelompokkan dalam tema tertentu juga kalau cocok. Nah, artikel ini adalah hasil pertama dari kumpulan jawaban dari pertnyaan yang ada.

Dan.. Kebetulan beberapa waktu lalu saya juga sempat sharing di grup whatsapp teman-teman SMA yang formatnya tanya jawab juga. Saya ambil beberapa tanya jawab yang agak berfaedah dari sana juga. Oh ya di bagian ini saya pakai kata ganti “gw” bukan “saya”, karena aneh juga ngebayangin ngobrol sama temen SMA pake kata ganti “saya” haha.

Oh ya, tanya jawab di whatsapp group SMA ini di-moderatori oleh temen saya bernama Zego, co-founder, sebuah startup platform kelas online indonesia. He’s a cool guy, you should definitely check him out.

Richard Feynman, His Life, and the Art of Solving Important Problems

The worthwhile problems are the ones you can really solve or help solve, the ones you can really contribute something to… No problem is too small or too trivial if we can really do something about it.”. — Richard Feynman

I already have a clear picture of what the library in my dream house will look like. It will be filled with many interesting and classic books including Harvard Classics collection, Ibn Battuta’s Travelogue, and of course, Feynman Lectures on Physics series.