A Reminder in Embracing Resistance

The blank page is a daunting taskmaster. It taunts you with its emptiness, daring you to fill it with something meaningful and substantial. And yet, as you sit down to write that long-form technical essay or finish that software, the feeling of resistance creeps in. It wraps its icy fingers around your heart, making it hard to focus and write.

You try to shake it off, to push through the mental fog, but the words refuse to come. The clock ticks on, and the deadline looms closer, but still, the words elude you. The resistance has a grip on you, and it won't let go.

But here's the thing about resistance: it's not something that can be defeated. It's not something that can be overcome. It's a part of the creative process, a necessary evil that must be faced head-on. The only way to beat it is to embrace it, to welcome it as a companion on your journey.

So, instead of fighting the resistance, lean into it. Recognize that it's there and that it's normal. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort, and then push through it. Keep writing, even when it feels hard. The words will come, eventually.

And when they do, they will be all the more powerful for having been fought for. So, don't let resistance stop you from adopting the practice. Embrace it, and let it fuel your creativity.