👋 Hey, I'm Anas!

I'm a software developer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I enjoy using Typescript, React, and Node to build tech products. I also like to write and share my thoughts.


Embracing Antifragility in Tech

It's a wild ride of a book - Taleb doesn't hold back in his opinions and isn't afraid to call out people he thinks are full of it. But, that's also part of what makes it such a fun read.

A Reminder in Embracing Resistance

The blank page is a daunting taskmaster. It taunts you with its emptiness, daring you to fill it with something meaningful and substantial.

Beyond the Code: On Keeping the Flame Alive

Seven years have passed since then, and my excitement for software development has only strengthened. Each new project brings a sense of excitement and wonder, like a child in a candy store. The magic of creating something that can change the world still fills me with awe, even after all these years.

Staying on Track with Code Refactoring

I encountered psychological barriers while refactoring a React app from JavaScript to TypeScript, and had to work on controlling my tendency to get sidetracked by disorganization or flaws in the code. I learned the importance of staying focused and sticking to the plan in order to avoid scope creep and unnecessary bug fixing.

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