👋 Hey, I'm Anas!

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I write things and put them here.


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A mobile web ecommerce built in pure React.js

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An open source forum specifically designed to document your thoughts and moods easily.

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REST API for Ngariung app.

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A simple calendar built with Vanilla Javascript.

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🏷Bukalapak Helper

A chrome extension that give you product recommendations from Bukalapak according to metadata of product page you currently view.

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A web-based app to help breeder to prevent Tetanus and Botulism in sheep.

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A crossplatform mobile app that help people to get a healty lifestyle and also give them recommendations of everyday meals that fit to their diet.


🎰Rekomendasi Belanja Cepat

A browser plugin that give you price comparison and product recommendations from dozens of e-commerce in Indonesia according to the metadata of product that you currently view.

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A web app that helps college students to sell and market their products efficiently at the school.

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A responsive web app that help college student to organize and collaborate events on Campus and share them to their friend.



An Unofficial CS IPB tumblr blog.

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