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React: What is useCallback Hook and When to Use It

One of the most important concepts to understand for optimizing React is memoization. Memoization is a performance optimization technique that eliminates the need to recompute a value for a given input by storing the original computation and returning that stored value when the same input is provided. Caching is a form of memoization.

On Having A Todo List

So it's been more than a month since I have been using a monolithic journal. Including each of the tasks I need to do on a daily basis.

Morning Read

I like reading first thing in the morning, especially when I haven’t done any screen time right after I wake up. I usually do it on the rooftop a few minutes before sunrise with a cup of coffee ready in my hand. I have a study chair that often you find in classrooms in college that has a table built-in into it. I have it on my rooftop, and I often use it specifically for these occasions.

Playing with Typescript Basic

If you are here, I assume you already convinced that Typescript is useful, and how it can help you to write better javascript projects.

macOS Big Sur: How to setup Node.js on Apple M1 Machine

Recently I bought an Apple's M1 Macbook Pro. As I am still transitioning from my old MacBook, it might be helpful to document some findings from the developer perspective, especially for developers working with javascript stuff on a daily basis like me.

On Expectation

Murakami's quote pretty much nailed the reality here, and it's been one of the most prominent lessons that I got so far in life and my career. About managing your expectations on things, better yet, you should not put any hope on humans or institutions. Make plans to mitigate the worst situations, but don't expect that the outcomes will be excellent.