Just Another Good Quote

Ada quote bagus yang saya dapet (meskipun ada yang saya nggak setuju) dari Andre Lamothe. Bagi yang nggak tau siapa dia, Andre Lamothe sudah menulis banyak buku tentang gaming, dan juga co-founder dari sebuah perusahaan yang membuat platform hardware untuk orang-orang yang kecanduan menulis game.

Ini jawaban ketika Lamothe di tanya tentang bagaimana dia memotivasi dirinya:

“Hmm, that’s a hard question. I guess that the best answer is that by the time you are old enough to understand that you are NOT going to be a rock start or a unique, beautiful snowflake, it will be too late. Lack of motivation fundamentally comes from fear — you are afraid to do things since you don’t think you can do them internally — which is 99% true.However, the good news is that if you REALLY try to do anything, there is nothing that you can’t do within reason of course. So my suggestion is simple and basically how I start anyone I mentor — start with ANYTHING that you want to do, something small. Then start it, work on it everything single day until its done, I don’t care if you are sick, haev to work, goto school, your girlfriend wants to do something, whatever, just work on it everyday — at some point you will get to a point where you find your own mental limits, this is usually the point where every single person quits and then sells themselves the bullshit concept, “I could finish it if I wanted”– this is crap, the fact is THEY can’t finish it, but this is just the moment of transformation — now, here is where you are going to triple your efforts, read whatever you need to read, and finish it, no matter what — And if you don’t think this advice is true I have heard it personally from every single iconic computer person on the planet — the key to success is so simple — just finish everything.You will never become motivated, until you don’t need to become motivated then you will be motivated, hard to explain, but that’s the way it works –Additional, arguement — what are you doing anyway? If you aren’t 10x smarter than everyone now, how will you compete in 10-20 years? Imagine the math, physics, computer science, nanotech, biotech, etc. that will be common then — thus, you better get crackin! There is so much work to be done and no time to do it — if you are less than 40 and aren’t working at least 15-18 hours a day you are not working enough, you simply can’t compete with the best in the world unless you are willing to throttle it that much –NeCroN.TTL ”

Yang nggak saya setuju adalah ketika dia bilang 15-18 jam bekerja dalam sehari, karena itu berarti kita hanya tidur maksimum 6 jam sehari, nggak ada orang yang mau melakukan itu dalam jangka waktu yang lama. Tapi itu cukup untuk menggambarkan betapa pentingnya kerja keras.

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