About Me


Hi, I’m Anas, Muhammad Nasurrohman! I am a Front End Engineer at Bukalapak.com. Earlier I used to be a Computer Science undergrad at Institut Pertanian Bogor.

I interned at Telunjuk.com during the summer of 2014 and at my campus as a Teaching Assistant in 2013 until 2015.

I started off with PHP but now use whatever feels right like Node or Ruby. I have worked with Express, Rails, React.js, Redux, SASS etc. Currently, I prefer working on the front end side, especially with React.js.

This is where I put my thoughts every once in a while..

I write essays on this site.

I run long distances.

I maintain a projects list at /projects.

I push some of my code to GitHub.

I am a member of Jakarta JS and React Indonesia, and Bukalapak Social Club.

I am an HN reader.

I am a table tennis athlete/player.

I can be followed on Twitter or Instagram.

You can email me on anas [at] jurnalanas.com

Photo by: Andrie PU