My Apps

iSheep [github]

A web based app to help breeder to prevent Tetanus and Botulism diseases in sheep.

Gizr [homepage]

  • A crossplatform mobile app that help people to get a healty lifestyle and also give recommendation of everyday meals that fit to their body’s needs.
  • Attracted more than 30 testimonials from twitter #GizrApp in two hours.
  • Built using IBM Worklight.

iKutan [github]

  • A responsive web app that help college student to organize and collaborate events on Campus and share them to their friend.
  • Built in 3 weeks using HTML5, PHP, MySql, and Javascript.

Kaos Kece [page]

  • A web app that help college students to sell and market their products efficiently on campus.
  • Trigger an Tech Talk event that reach audiences from some university across Jakarta, Bogor, and Depok.

Ular Unyu

A simple 3D Snake game.